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      Here you can learn more about my services as a photographer. If your questions are not answered here, just write me a message or even better, just give me a call.


      Booking and prices


      We would like you to shoot our wedding, how can we book you?

      That's great. The best time for bookings is about 6-12 months before your big day. However, sometimes last minute bookings are also possible. So don't hesitate and send me a message. You will receive a message within 2-3 days, letting you know if your date is available as well as more information about what I offer. I am more than happy to meet for a cup of coffee or tea to discuss all your questions and ideas. Should you live further away, we can also get to know each other via skype first.

      How much do you charge for travel to the venue?

      Im Package inkludiert sind jeweils die ersten 25 Kilometer gerechnet ab Dornbirn bzw. Schwarzach. Darüber hinaus verrechne ich Fahrtkosten von 0,78 Cent / Kilometer. Für größere Entfernungen ab ca. 150 Km erstelle ich gerne eine individuelle Reisepauschale.

      What packages do you offer?

      I offer packages from 5 hours to 14 hours, but I can also make you an individual offer. I love to tell stories, so I prefer to be there the whole day. There are so many moments and all of them are special. It starts with everyone getting ready and ends with your after-party. That being said, I also accompany shorter weddings, especially in the off season. Either way, don’t be afraid to ask and we’ll talk through it.

      How much does a wedding package cost?

      High quality wedding photography has its price. If you are looking for the cheapest option, you will not find it here. But if you are looking for a photographer who will accompany you with passion and genuine interest, then you are right here. The price depends on the duration and the scope of services of the job. I’m happy to advise you if you are unsure how long I should accompany you.

      When will we receive the finished photos?

      Für die Bearbeitung der Bilder benötige ich meisten zwischen 4 und 6 Wochen. Danach bekommt Ihr alle Bilder digital, bearbeitet und in Druckqualität als JPG. Weiters bekommt ihr noch eine persönliche Online-Galerie. Gerne können sich dort auch eure Gäste einloggen und ihre Lieblingsbilder kostenlos downloaden.

      How many images do we receive and are they all edited?

      Typically between 400 & 800 edited images depending on the package.

      How and where do you store our data?

      All data will be backed up by me directly after the wedding on a mirrored hard drive, which I also copy several times a week during peak season on a second Raid-0 hard drive and store at my home. As soon as your pictures are ready, they are additionally stored for about 1 year in an online cloud. The original data is also stored on my hard drives for at least 1 year. An extension is possible upon request.

      Do you also create photo books?

      Yes, I do. I love to put your story on paper. For me it's very important, because then you tend to look at the pictures more consciously and more often. I create all photo books personally and in cooperation with the bride and groom. If you are interested, I’m happy to show you some sample copies.

      What to do if it rains?

      Please do not be afraid of the rain! Rain is actually not that bad. In fact, some really beautiful, very special pictures can develop in the rain. Usually there is also an area at each location where you can shoot completely dry - spared from the rain - photos. So rain is really no problem!

      Are you available for weddings internationally?

      Yes! I live in the beautiful Lake Constance region, which makes it easy to come to Lichtenstein, Switzerland or even Germany. I love to travel, so I enjoy coming to all places, even worldwide.

      What equipment do you use?

      I shoot with the new Z series from Nikon with various original lenses, fixed focal lengths and zooms. In any case, I always carry a backup camera and backup memory cards should I need them.

      Do you offer videos as well?

      I myself do not currently offer videography. I don't have time for it, since I shoot 90% of weddings alone. However, I’m connected with various talented videographers who can be hired additionally depending on demand and interest.

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