“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.” – Sue Fitzmaurice

      How a trip to India inspired me to become a wedding photographer.

      In 2015 I was in India for the first time and was spontaneously invited to an Indian wedding.
       Without hesitation, I asked if I could shoot some photos, thus my career as a wedding photographer takes its course.
       As a professional photographer, weddings have been a big part of my work ever since.
       I consciously choose to shoot a maximum of 20 weddings a year so that there is enough time for other photography projects,
       because variety invigorates my creativity. I love working with people, as well as sharing emotions and experiences.
      Nussbaumer Photography

      Hey, this is me...

      I’m Michael, the man behind the camera, self-employed photographer from Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria. I am a fun-loving person, gourmet and outdoor fan. I also have a soft spot for style & design and love art and culture. Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of bed early, but I'm always up for a sunrise photo shoot session. I always drink my coffee black and when I do have a glass of wine, I prefer a good Riesling.

      My great passion besides photography is traveling, so I go to the sea once a year to catch some waves. At home, I'm usually on the road by bike or motorcycle. And although I'm somewhat afraid of heights, I love the mountains and often hike with my partner.
      At weddings I am a quiet companionand always try to capture the best moments and real emotions. Your pictures should be unposed and as natural as possible. I love to tell your personal picture story in the form of a photo book, which you’ll be able to hold on to forever.
      During a couple shooting however, unposed is not always possible, so I do my best to help you feel comfortable and to integrate you skilfully into a suitable setting.
      You can find me at regional wedding fairs and because getting new input is important to me, I am also often present at international workshops.
      You can also find me on the following pages:
      Nussbaumer Photography


      And now tell me something about you!